[27-31 May] Vietnam Market Weekly Review & Trading Tactics

27rd - 31st May Recaps] Hightlights will still be trade deals and the tech cold war. A stormy week awaits to rampage but will subside when getting support from new Securities Bill.

[27rd - 31st May Recaps] Hightlights will still be trade deals and the tech cold war. A stormy week awaits to rampage but will subside when getting support from new Securities Bill.


+ Vietnam markets corrected steeper last Friday as intensified trade war sent oil and global stock market down amid waning economic outlook. The VN-Index dropped 1.29% to close at 970.03 while trading value improved, showing stronger selling pressure. On the Northern course, the HNX-Index decreased 0.86% to close at 105.39.
+ Crude oil tumbled 5% last Thursday, for the biggest loss in 6 months, as trade war raised concern about lower oil demand. The slide was also fueled by the U.S. weak economic data and higher-than-estimated oil inventories. Meanwhile, Huawei remained in the spotlight of the trade tension as Donald Trump said it could be a part of the trade deal after having restricted the U.S. companies to
cooperate with this Chinese telecom giant.
+ Vietnam stock markets jumped last Monday before dropping in the following three consecutive sessions and accelerating last Friday. Foreigners sold a net of VND285bn on HSX, focusing on VNM, HPG, VIC, PVD and VHM while accumulating VJC, HVN and POW.
Energy declined -2.3%, Real Estate -1.6%, Financials -1.6%, Utilities -1.6% and Consumer Staples -1.2% while Healthcare increased 0.9% and Industrials 0.3%.
+ Top 5 VNIndex laggards included VHM, VIC, GAS, VCB and MSN while top 5 movers were MWG, POW, LGC, DHG and VIC.


+ On May 24th, Vinamilk (HOSE: VNM) launched Lao-Jagro company and started construction of phase 1 of organic dairy cow farm complex, scale of 5,000 ha in Laos.
+ GTNFoods (HOSE: GTN) has approved the plan to establish GTN Agriculture JSC (GTN Farm) with an estimated chartered capital of VND 400 billions.
+ Mobile World Investment JSC(HOSE: MWG) has announced the business report for the first 4 months of the year with net revenue rise 15% to VND34.122 billion and marked 31% target of year plan. Profit after tax in the first 4 months reached VND 1,424 billion, boosted 36% over the same period and achieved 40% of the year plan. Particularly in April, MWG had a net profit increase of up to 62%.
+ Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (HOSE: PLX) on May 30th is ex-dividend date for 2018 cash dividends. Dividend rate is 26% (equivalent to VND2.600 per share).
+ MekoPhar Chemical - Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company on May 24 (UPCOM: MKP) sets the annual plan for 2019 with a revenue of VND 1,300 billion, an increase of 12% compared to the 2018 plan. However, profit after tax planned  14% down to VND 110 billions.
+ Cuong Thuan IDICO (HOSE: CTI) plans to achieve consolidated revenue of VND 1,305 billion, after-tax profit of VND 141.5 billion, an increase of 42% and 10% respectively compared to the previous year's performance. Full provision of reserves from traffic BOT projects, potential new businesses such as stone mines, concrete plants, real estate, tourism and motor vehicles.
+ PetroVietnam Technical Services Corporation (HNX: PVS). VDSC forecasts that PVS's business activities will continue to be stable in 2019, except for positive changes from construction activities, installation and oil exploration. 2019 revenue is expected to reach VND 17,258 billion, an increase of 18%.


+ The formation of the dropping trend has been forecasted from the beginning of the week when VN-Index tested the 990 resistance. The correcting pressure started to create anxiety for investors after a strong adjustment in the Friday session. With a bad candlestick pattern (both on the daily and the weekly charts), the volume increased and the net selling pressure from abroad investors created a negative sentiment for most of the small investors.
+ Therefore, the current trend can create inertial decline in the early morning session of the Monday session. The sign for the "Dropping Day" scenario is at the ending the afternoon Monday session, recording the recovery (with the bottom candle shadow - forming the green candle). Volume should not less than Friday session.
+ This phase of reversal is quite fragile so investors should pay attention: Not bewildered, unaffected by the sell-off psychology. Not rushing to catch the bottom, waiting for the recovering signals in the afternoon session. If not, do not buy and cut loss if VNindex falls below 945.
+ Regarding foreign net selling, the net selling pressure from FTSE fund (according to MSCI's portfolio) and MSCI Ishare was mainly due to MSCI's structure (ending on May 29th this week). The net selling pressure was not from the withdrawal of foreign capital because foreign investors still net bought through the agreement channel (SK net bought 8.600 billion and total nearly VND 23.000 billion for VIC shares) and VNM fund still bought strongly on the market.
+ On the international issue, the intense to Huawei is increasingly fierce and Huawei is the bearer (more and more difficult to maintain its business and has become part of the Trade Deal agreement in the near future). The June G20 meeting in Japan will continue to be the highlight of the market.



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TRADING HIỆU QUẢ: [27-31 May] Vietnam Market Weekly Review & Trading Tactics
[27-31 May] Vietnam Market Weekly Review & Trading Tactics
27rd - 31st May Recaps] Hightlights will still be trade deals and the tech cold war. A stormy week awaits to rampage but will subside when getting support from new Securities Bill.
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